In this advancing world, everything deals in high tech. It is the world of mechanics and softwares. If you are searching for the best Screen recorder, here is your answer DU Recorder Mod Apk .Moreover, it can be used for personal as well as professional services. Besides, it works absolutely free of cost. It comprises of smooth and user friendly interface. It offers the user to draw Screen with the brush. Moreover, the latest feature includes shaking control of the videos. It record and saves frame less videos. The recording can be pause and resumed anytime. Additionally, it has high quality AI with speed working servers.

Moreover, it is also capable of converting the video to GIF. It can use front camera in order to capture live streaming. It works without leaving any watermark. Besides, DU Recorder Mod Apk comes with many other versatile characteristics including screen capture or snapshot, video recorder along with perfect audio. Furthermore, it can be used as a video editor, as well. It works efficiently without rooting any of the devices. You can record on-screen videos anytime, anywhere.

The user can capture even games, video calls or live shows. Another highlighted feature is the “Stitch image option”. Additionally, it helps in combining various images in a single photo. DU Recorder Premium Apk works more like a collage. Additionally, t is capable of capturing running videos from YouTube. It is available on Google play store for easy installation. It has hundreds of users all around the globe. Besides, it helps you to record the livestream from Facebook.

Live streaming:

It live streams any kind of the video. It is highly compatible with all Android smartphones especially the latest versions. Moreover, it is up to the user to keep it at private mode or public. You can even set your live streaming unlisted. Besides, t is highly private and offers you full privacy and security.


One of the most highlighted features is that the use can customize many features. The videos can be recorded and saved in any required resolution. DU Recorder Mod Apk works without any limitation to size and shape of the videos. Besides, t is effective with multiple resolutions like 1080p or 720p.

Snapshots DU Recorder Mod Apk :

It has many additional features such as it is capable of capturing screenshots, as well. Moreover, the user can open the taken picture to edit to. It is the easiest and quickest way to edit images. For professional level editing, it offers you quite highly advanced editing tools. Besides, the image can be blurred from the desired spot or the user can crop picture.

Time saver:

In order to save your time you can choose to use the floating icon to start recording. Another way of starting the quick recording involves adding the icon permanently in the device’s notification bar. Besides, one of the major features is that it records all the videos in HD premium quality.

Sharing DU Recorder Mod Apk :

It is also the quickest way to share your edited or original clip with pals. It has made socializing easy. Besides, DU Recorder Pro Apk is compatible with all social sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Video Editing:

The user will be able to trim or crop the desired parts of the video. Or else you can merge one video clip with other videos or images. Moreover, regarding video editing, the user can synchronize various audio and music tracks that can be played in the background of the video. additionally, you can adjust the volume of the track. All features can be optimized, easily. One of the most helpful features is the addition of captions and subtitles.

1. Premium APK  v.2.2.7    &  Size : 15 MB

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