Polarr Premium Full Pack Photo Editor is an excellent application with many professional image editing features. And this app does not require you to be a professional photographer, because of the ability that this application can make your photos unique. In general, using this application is not so difficult or complicated as other applications, because all its features are located on the bottom edge of the screen. Each element will have its own name and icon, and some editing features will have a few other options to choose from. As long as you use many of the features it provides, including auto-enhance tools and sophisticated filters, you can have an enchanting photo to share on social networking sites.

Polarr Premium Full Pack

• Custom overlay and complex blending modes
• Dual lens effects and depth adjustments
• Complete set of masking and local adjustment tools
• Advanced suite of face-editing tools with smart detection
• Create, customize and share your own filters
• Batch exporting
• Photos extension

Polarr Premium Full Pack

• Make and share your own custom Filters
• Get started with basic filters, grow with pro filters
• Sync filters between all of your devices

Polarr Premium Full Pack application has a lot of professional features, but first, you should know about the Overview feature. This feature has a lot of exciting features, and the first is Custom overlay and complex blending mode, this is an automatic feature that will help you get a better photo without having to intervene in the custom depth section. The next feature is the Advanced suite of face-editing tools with smart detection, which also works entirely automatically, of course, you can still customize it, and it certainly helps someone’s face become more beautiful. This feature still has a lot of things you can explore, such as the Batch exporting or Photos extension.

Premim Full size 61mb

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