In this advancing era, this tremendous application, PixelLab Premium Unlocked has brought the revolutionary change in technology world. Moreover, it is on the top of the list considering all authentic editing applications. It has user friendly interface with best advanced AI. Besides, it runs on efficient softwares with considerable speed. I t offers a number of functions and options to the users. Moreover, you can easily add multiple stylish and attractive captions and texts over the picture or in any part of the videos. Additionally, the user can use any kind of backgrounds to enhance its properties and to bring innovation. Further it offers a wide range of attractive shapes with proper kit of drawing tools.

PixelLab Premium Unlocked consists of a wide range of cute and stylish stickers. Besides, it makes all edited images more pretty and innovative. It is compatible with all latest versions of smartphones. Moreover, it has various fonts with different screen wallpapers. further, most of the features are customizable. It is available on Google play store for easy installation. Additionally, it is completely free of cost and now this version is also ads free. This marvelous application offers high profile graphics. It has a wide range of emojis. Furthermore, you can also create inspirational collage with multiple pictures.


One of the most highlighted features is addition of multiple texts. Moreover, the user can add any type of caption over the image it can be in any color and any font. It can be in 3D . Besides, PixelLab Premium Unlocked supports all formats. Many text effects are available. Most commonly used are Shadow, Inner Shadow, Stroke, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d Text, etc. Additionally, the user is allowed to choose the color of the caption as simple or merge or with a gradient. The gradient can be either linear or radial gradient. It can be adjusted according to image quality. Moreover, it has over 100 fonts to choose from.


While drawing, a whole kit is present with multiple attractive tools. It offers multiple pens with various sizes, thickness, colors and texture. Once drawn, the drawing can be later edited or resize and reshaped. Additionally, the drawing on the image is rotatable, as well.

Save and share:

The edited images are always saved in high and crystal clear quality. The images can easily be exported to your gallery or SD card. Moreover, it is so feasible to share your edited documents with pals. It supports sharing in all formats with all applications. Additionally, it keeps all data secured and accessible.

Noticeable features:

  • Any image of any format can be uploaded on PixelLab Premium Unlocked.
  • You are able to make posters.
  • Besides, it supports all resolutions.
  • It is storage saving application as it only covers 22MB of the device.
  • Moreover, in this version there are no Analytics.
  • It is compatible with AOSP.
  • Moreover, PixelLab Premium Unlocked doesn’t require any connectivity to function.
  • However, it is useful for both personal as well as professional use.
  • You can choose a simple color background such as green, blue or simply a white or black.
  • Moreover, lately, the feature of perspective editing is added.
  • Most commonly used effects are vignette, stripes, hue, saturation, etc.

1. Premium APK  v.1.9.9    &  Size : 20 MB

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2. MOD ROG APK : 44 MB

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