Hungry Shark Evolution Unlimited Money is the game for all the thrill lovers. This has brought the revolution to the digital era technology. Moreover, it is compatible with all latest versions of smartphones, PC and laptops. It works very efficiently due to its enhanced software characteristics. Besides, it has enhanced AI with speedy servers. It has best graphics with clear crystal quality. It gives you incredible experience of 3D graphics with best resolution for all the smartphones. Moreover, the game has addictive gameplay. Moreover, most of the bugs are resolved. You can give feedback and all issues are resolved in the limited time. It is different from other games as it plays the role of shark, the super shark and based on the movie, called The Meg. Additionally, Hungry Shark Evolution Mod AKK Unlimited offers different sharks. Furthermore, every shark has its own distinctive features and qualities.

Moreover, it has no restrictions of Wi-Fi or any other limitations. You can enjoy it playing whenever, wherever. Besides, it is the best way to kill the boredom. It is easily available on Google Play Store for easy installation. Furthermore, Hungry Shark Evolution Mod Apk comes with all guidelines for downloading and running the game smoothly. Moreover, its numbers of players is increasing day by day, all around the globe. It is very storage saving game, and only occupies 99 MB of the device’s storage. Additionally, it is best compatible with Android 4.1 and latest. It has all features unlocked and free of cost.

Creators of Hungry Shark Evolution Unlimited :

This is the marvelous creation of UBISOFT. It is one of their greatest achievements. Moreover, they are constantly expanding its features and making upgrades timely.


Hungry Shark Evolution Unlimited resolves around the super shark. Moreover, it is basically based on the movie, called as MEG. The game also shows the aggressive behavior of the shark, Meg.

Furthermore, the aim of the player is to complete the mission by reaching the destined point. But, other focus should be on collecting all the precious and valuable stuff all along the way. Besides, the player has to find the treasure hidden deep in the waters. Focus on gathering extra bonuses and coins to gain points.  Additionally, the shark will die if its blood bar goes down to zero. Stop shark form eating humans as it can lose points. Moreover, there are obstacles on the way including bombs, gas cylinders, oils, toxins, etc.

The ocean waters have some special gadgets that help in making the small baby sharks larger and stronger. Further, all navigation keys are present on the screen for guidelines. Even map of the ocean can also be shown on special demands or for hints. Additionally, on the way, eat other creatures such as crabs, shrimp, etc. They will make sharks stronger and bigger. Besides, avoid eating Jellyfish as it cause killing of the shark.

Cloud Hungry Shark Evolution Unlimited :

This game also invests the feature of saving the played game till the point through Google accounts or clouds. Additionally, the user has to create the account and by synchronizing, all game will be saved to the played level in the cloud.

Quality features:

  • Moreover, it has premium quality illustrations and animations.
  • It features extra 15 surprises and bonuses, which the player has to find through roaming in the ocean.
  • Besides, best thrilling and throbbing sound tracks add more entertaining feature to the game.
  • A great variety of total eleven sharks to swim in.
  • The user can make screen videos or take snapshots while playing game and can share it on the YouTube or other social sites.

1. MOD APK : v.8.5.2 & Size : 94 MB

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2. MOD Menu Apk : v.8.5.2 & Size: 115

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