With the advancing world, all games are also revolutionized. Moreover, this incredible game has no game in comparison. It has an addictive game play. Hungry Dragon Hack is an incredible game made by “Cubist Entertainment”. Besides, it is highly compatible with all Android smartphones especially with latest versions and with iOS. The player can get the appearance of more than 10 angry dragons. additionally, game resolves around hungry dragons that are searching food.

Moreover, it is based in one of the great medieval world times. As a dragon, the user will target everything and everyone to eat. Additionally, it belongs to the action category and is available no Google plays store for easy installation. In order to empower your dragon and make it stronger, feed it everything that comes in the way. It has hundreds of users all around the globe. Moreover, it has smooth and user friendly interface. It works efficiently with high speed server and enhanced AI. Hungry Dragon Mod Hack is a game free of cost with all bugs fixed.

During flying, whenever eggs start to appear randomly on the map, it shows the presence of baby dragons. They will provide help in gaining more power, extra speed and strong defense. Further, they will act more like pets. And, common Pets are enclosed in orange eggs. Other purple eggs contain rare pets that can be bought with gems.


To start the game, first select the level and location from the menu page. The main focus of the game is to keep the dragon under control. As soon as the Hungry Dragon Mod starts, the hungry dragon will start preying. The dragon will fly and burn. The player has to be vigilant. Moreover, it is the game of quick reflexes. Keep your clear aim on birds, humans, witches, etc. During game, the player can also focus on smaller and weaker dragons to gain energy and feed his hunger. Additionally, if you encounter any poisonous animal, dragon will get injured or hypnotized. Moreover, you have to keep the dragon safe from big yellow mines.

In the very start it is not possible for the dragon to eat heavy and large foods. As you will act as a small and weak dragon. But after getting stronger, the player is able to add up new foodstuff to the selected dragon’s menu list. Besides, the basic duty of the player is to expose all the hungry dragons. More you release dragons, more scores will be given. Major rule is to survive by eating living beings. Player has to just satisfy the dragon’s hunger. Moreover, you will be given bonus points on unleashing some treasures.  All controls are displayed on screen and are quite manageable. You can use special fire-fighting skills invested in dragons. In case of having full Fire Rush, dragon will be able to spray fire with full capacity. And, another feature called as Mega-Fire Rush will automatically stimulate after the competition of 8 Fire Rush.


Further, before starting the hunt, the user has to choose a location from the map. The map shows the attractive scenery with beautiful villages. The game has exotic location including dangerous forests and adventurous caves. There are also mines included in the game.

Hungry shark world:

Hungry Dragon Unlimited money Hack resembles hungry shark world game of Ubisoft. The visible difference is the role play. In hungry shark world we play and hunt as a shark but in this game, we hunt as a hungry angry dragon.


The two bars are visible on the right side of the screen from which one is life bar showing the life span of the dragon left and the other is the boost bar. Moreover, life bar will start to decrease in case dragon doesn’t eating. And, the boost bar offers you to speed up the bulk power in the dragon by just pressing the icon with two fingers. Additionally, this bar can be filled full with targeting some special organisms.

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