Avee Music Player Pro is the requirement of youngsters to enjoy songs anywhere whenever. Moreover, it is considered as the most light weight application as it saves up the storage and memory of the devise. It has highly advanced softwares with speedy servers.  Besides, it comes with best quality equalizer. Furthermore, it has intuitive built-in with manageable contents. It comprises of user friendly interface. One of the highlighted features is song cross-fading. It double folds the entertainment. Further, it characterize with noticeable video playback ability. The developers have added many premium features in this tremendous application. Moreover it has featured audio visualizer. It shows you the pikes of songs’ volume, track and rhythm. You can create easy ad customized HD visual graphics in best quality. Additionally, Avee Music Player Pro offers the best quality audio system.

Most of its features are customizable. Moreover, its audio and video visualizers can customize according to the user’s preferences. All colors of the background or the display can be changed. Further, the visualizers’ shapes, sizes and demonstration can also be changed. The feature of audio reaction can alter with some easy steps. It supports all formats of HD videos in premium graphics quality. Besides, it never crashes while running any task. The saving feature of this marvelous application is tremendous as the playlists stored at a single folder making everything accessible. Avee Music Player Pro is available on Google play store for easy installation. Moreover, all bugs resolved and additional premium features are unlocked.

Folder browsing:

It is capable of folder browsing. Moreover, it helps in arranging all the files or songs in order. One can make separate folders on basis of sizes, characteristics, lengths or arrange them alphabetically. Besides, it makes all songs easily accessible.


Avee Music Player Pro has increased the socializing as you can easily share your songs with your pals or even the whole playlist can shared with others. Moreover, it is compatible with all sites and applications even Bluetooth.


Besides, it offers full security to the user by featuring lock screen. The user can set any password on the application and it will automatically get locked at the set time.moreover, Avee Music Player Pro ensures additional safety with full privacy statements.


The user can search any songs anytime by simply typing the name in the search bar. Besides, it assists in easy browsing in full speed. It helps in maintaining all songs library in order. Moreover, it works without any limitation.

Noticeable features:

  • Moreover, the user is allowed to make amendments in icons as he or she can set his or her own picture.
  • “Eight preset order”.
  • Avee Music Player Pro is compatible with all formats of songs. Most supported formats include pla, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8, etc.
  • Moreover, the user can divide songs on the basis of genres.
  • It offers easy synchronization feature with Bluetooth headset.
  • Additionally, the songs’ frequencies are adjustable accordingly.
  • There is an option to create application’s shortcuts.
  • Further, the user can set the timer for application’s sleep.
  • The songs change without any gaps or delays
  • Basically, it comprises of highly enhanced two kinds of internal system players.
  • a beautiful widget
  • Avee Music Player Pro features in-built editor for songs and playlist to form albums.

Premium Full APK  v.1.2.101    &  Size : 8 MB

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