Among Us Mod the imposter kills all the crew members before the crew members finish off their tasks, the imposter wins and vice versa. This game can be played online with random people by connecting through servers like North America, Asia and Europe. The players can also play this game along with their friends by creating a private room.

Among Us Mod game is full of betrayal and teamwork. The imposter moves or wanders around trying to kill all the other crew members while they try to finish their given tasks. There are several tasks which the crewmembers need to complete before the impostor or the imposters kill or murder all the crew members. The imposter can act innocent and blame some other player of the game to be an imposter.

Features of Among Us Mod

  • Unlock pets as many you want and try them in the real game as well.
  • All Unlock Heats
  • Unlock Skins of the pets or characters of the game to look colourful or unique.
  • Supervision to remove the black shadows in the game and help you to show every corner.
  • No Leave Cooldown
  • You can Speed up the movement of your controlled character. This means you can escape easily and attack like a lightning stroke.
  • Snowboard mode – It allows you to move like a snowboarder.
  • Increase reports body size
  • God mode fake trolling
  • No wait in Emergency Time
  • Disappear from the meeting after the first vote
  • Know who is an imposter and there is a 50% chance to get the correct one.
  • Select Ghost speed.
  • Choose colours of the characters – Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Black, White, Purple, Brown, Cyan, and Light green.
  • No Kill Cooldown
  • No Advertisement – Once you enable this option in the Mod Menu, you won’t see any ads.
  • You don’t die when someone kills you and don’t select this option when you are the host.
Among Us Mod

Among Us Mod takes place inside a space ship. In this game, players get one of two roles, one being crewmate and another being imposter; being a crewmate id the most common, and a number of times, you might get to be the imposter as well. The crewmates’ goal is to find the imposter and complete the assigned tasks inside the map. The imposter’s task is to sabotage and eliminate the crewmembers before they complete their task and figure out who the imposter is. However, the crewmembers can remove anyone from the crew they think to be the imposter through a plurality vote. If the crewmembers are successful in their task or all imposters are eliminated, they win, or if the number of imposters equals the number of crewmates or sabotage goes unresolved, then the imposters win.

Among Us MOD APK: The Among Us Mod APK is the dream MOD for this game because it has so many hacks that you can use and get the upper hand in the game and do cool stuff that normal players can only dream of.

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